Designer Folding Cane in Brown


If you are looking for a cane that will grab everyones attention, choose the Designer Folding Cane in Brown Walking Stick. There is nothing too outrageous about it but it is a gorgeous creationmeant to be flaunted! It has a designer shaft that is easily collapsible and adjusts from 33 inches to 37 inches. It features a Fritz handle sporting a finely grained finish that enhances the snazzy appearance of the cane. The Fritz handle also ensures proper support and comfort to the user. The cane comes tipped with rubber supports for additional safety. It has an attached wrist strap that allows freer hand movements when the cane is not in use. Finished in the sober brown finish, the Designer Folding Cane in Brown is ideal for your everyday walks. It comes with a folding clip to securely hold the cane when not in use. Replacement tip #8-2800-08

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