Fashionable Imprints-Mauve


Stylish and functional, this Fashionable Imprints-Mauve Walking Cane is a must-have in your collection. It has a sturdy shaft made of premium quality aluminum that will last for years. It can be easily folded into a compact sizeit adjusts from 33 inches to 37 inches with amazing ease. It is also tipped with rubber supports for extra safety. The cane has a wooden Fritz-style Handle that is easy to grip and provides maximum support. The Floral Pattern Shaft has a certain playful energy about it with predominantly mauve-colored prints, coupled with a brown handle and gold-toned collar. This combination of colors and combinations create an impressive visual impact. If you are looking for a cane that has the traits of a premium walking cane blended with embellishments associated with a fashion accessory, the Fashionable Imprints-Mauve is the perfect pick for you.

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