Fabric Wrapped Adjustable Derby in Black and Multi Floral


Think of walking canes and it is most likely that images of overbearingly bright canes flash through your mind. However, the Fabric wrapped Derby Black and Multi Floral cane does away with this norm. Here, intensity of the colors is restrained with a conscious effort to lend more substance to the design that is subtle and still manages to capture your attention in the first glance. The cane gets its solidity and lightweight traits from the aluminum shaft that is strong—mainly due to the premium-grade aluminum used here. Adding great dexterity to the cane is its height-adjustment feature. This makes the Derby Cane applicable for a larger array of women. We recommend this cane for its majestic black and multi floral colors and petite build that does not compromise on the overall structural integrity. You get a reasonably strong walking aid that comes equipped with an anti-slip rubber ferrule. A regal brass colored collar sits handsomely atop the shaft, underlining the grandeur of this spectacular cane. The fabric wrapped textured appearance of the shaft sets the cane in a league of its own, unlike anything the current marketplace offers for this type of design and what it offers.

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