Adjustable Elegant White and Black Diamond

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There is something very predictable and still engaging about the black and white color combination perhaps the oldest of all contrasting color palettes. The Elegance White and Black Diamond Cane redefines this niche with its unique diamond pattern that breaks through the monotony associated with this traditional contrast coloring scheme. Here, you do not get the usual shade of white. Instead, the cane uses an intense hue of cream and white that is found in the swirled handle. The black is intense and without the overtly shiny affect that is found in many poorly finished walking canes. The adjustable shaft is the visual highlight of this cane with its diamond-shaped Rhinestone Collar, albeit an imperfect but very exotic looking diamond. This cane is the perfect addition to your formal ensemble when you are attending a formal event or any black tie event where you need to make an impression despite the supposed predictability of the wardrobe. You can easily adjust the cane between 31 inches and 38 inches. The shaft is made of aluminum, which makes it extremely lightweight and robust beyond your expectations. It can easily support body weight of up to 180 pounds. The replacement tip comes in a standard 5/8 inch measurement. You also get a Free Wrist Strap with each White & Black Diamond Cane.

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