Eagle Head Walnut


Taking a break from the usual animal-inspired designs found in the marketplace for canes, this cane flaunts a different ideathe freedom, liberated spirit of a free-willed eagle! You can flaunt your love for the winged ones by including this classy Eagle Head Walnut walking cane in your collection. The eagle also symbolizes power and this walking cane imbibes similar traits and aims to lend the same attribute to your walking posture. The Eagle Head Handle, on top, has been crafted from polymer resin. It exhibits a simulated antique look. This robust handle rests comfortably on a 1-inch diameter the base of a 1-inch diameter wooden shaft. Designed from premium-quality wooden solids, this 36-inch long shaft comes with a rubber tip. It offers a progressive improvement in your walking ability by assuring a firm grip.

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