Designer Offset Cane in Black


Few folks realize that walking canes are a serious fashion accessory apart from being a means to provide balance and support. This Designer Offset Cane in Black has a decorative anodized finish 7/8 inch diameter shaft coupled with a swan neck handle. The handle is covered with a firm, cushion-foam grip for comfortable handling. A wrist loop is provided as an added convenience. The Black Designer Offset Cane shaft features a simple Push Button Cane-Size Adjustment System that allows adjusting stick length from 30 inches to 39 inches. A metal lock nut is provided to ensure extra safety. The cane shaft bottom is equipped with a steel reinforced rubber tip for durability and walking comfort Replacement tip #8-2800-08. Replacement strap #8-2202-08, Replacement cushion grip handle #8-2196-08.

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