Derby Double Horse Heads Ivory


Horses are the symbol of elegance, passion, and loyaltythese qualities make them an ideal pick for animal-focused walking canes like the Derby Double Horse Heads Ivory cane. If you are looking for an ideal accessory resembling horse head, then you have not one, but twothe Derby Double Horse Heads Ivory. It comes with two horse heads facing opposite to each other. The Derby Double Horse Heads Ivory is the perfect accessory for horse lovers and equestrians. A favorite collectible for families, this fashionable cane can be a great companion while taking small leisure walks down the lane. It can also perfectly match any attire that you plan to wear to your next formal event or luncheon. It has a mesmerizing appeal that captivates the attention of the onlookers. Molded with nylon, this durable walking support can endure high impacts. The cane is available in simulated ivory finish and comes in a length of 36 inches that can be cut to size.

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