Gents Scottish Style Derby with Blue Tone Shaft


Gents Derby with Blue Tone Shaft is a truly Scottish cane. It has a robust composition, looks so humble and yet, it reeks of rustic charm. This derby shaft has been specially imported from Scotland due to the continuing demand from our patrons. The shaft is of blue tone adds a bit of glamour to an otherwise minimally designed cane. It is best suited for men who like the traditional Scottish canes that are brawny and are known to be experts at hiking and other outdoor applications. The wooden construction of handle gives it a slightly antique look. The handle becomes more remarkable with lines running across it. The shiny appearance on the handle makes it look a bit better than vintage mens canes that can sometimes be a bit drab. The derby handle has been rendered in its true, classical form. Premium wood construction means assurance of having a sturdy cane by your side.

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