Classy Walking Cane Taller Size Folding


Classy Walking Canes in Extra Tall Folding is often relegated to being mere utilities for maintaining a proper posture and balance but the Extra Tall Folding Cane with Fritz Handle challenges this perception with its elegant layout. The overall design is sober, laid back without doing too much. The idea here is not to grab attention but to make a subtle style statement. This cane has one more distinguishing feature - its length. It has been conceptualized for taller people who generally struggle to find a cane that can suit their taller frame. The folding composition means that you can easily adjust this cane from 39 inches to 43 inches. The folding mechanism works to perfection. The cane is easy to grip and ensures you get a firm supporting tip across all types of surfaces. Use of fritz handle underlines the use of a classical design. The Tall Fritz Handle Cane has carved a niche for itself among contemporary walking canes, being a bestseller since the day of its launch. The patrons vouch for its sturdy construction that can support heavily built people with ease. The minimal finishing ensures that the wooden essence is maintained.

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