Classy Walking Canes Blackthorn Shillelagh is Authentic Blackthorn Wood

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The Classy Canes Blackthorn Shillelagh is a traditional and very highly regarded collectors item. The rich reddish-brown color of the shillelagh blackthorn bark is as distinctive as it is appealing. Grown from coppiced wood, blackthorn is an extremely thorny plant. However, the finished product is much admired for its rustic appearance. Finished with a ferule the approximate height of these unique walking sticks is Aprox. 20 inches. These sticks are in limited supply. They are the most sought after and admired sticks in the world by collectors. They are never two a like and each has it's on character built into the grain of the wood. Some of the knobs on this supply still have the growth area showing which really shows the character of the cane. We only have a small amount for the rest of the year. Remember these sticks are natural wood and we never have two alike.

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