Chestnut Spiral Knob


Today there is no dearth of stylish walking canes featuring distinct themes and designs to match wide range of style palette. Still it continues its legacy of being a sturdy and reliable walking support for elder people and /or arthritics patients. The Chestnut Spiral Knob cane is an exclusive series of lightweight cane walking cane imported from Germany. Made in traditional style in aged chestnut wood, the Chestnut Spiral Knob comes across as very durable and reliable walking aid. Featuring a well lacquered chestnut knob handle with natural wooden tone, the Chestnut Spiral Knob cane is a perfect accessory for those with a taste for nature-inspired themes. To the shaft it has double spiral turns offering a classic look to the stylish cane and hence can be used as fashion accessory or a professional baton. 36 inches is the approx. height.

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