Camouflage Fashion Quad-Cane Small Base


Like any other fashion accessory, the walking canes also reflect your personality and sense of fashion. The Camouflage Fashion Quad-Cane Small Base is perfect for those who are looking for a cane that looks tougher on the visual perspective. Both men and women can use this unisex cane. Featuring a sturdy design, this cane comes with a center balance offset handle that helps you to balance better. The tough construction makes this cane better on the aspect of weight bearing. It comes with a small base that measures 5x8 inches and nylon safety nut. The height of the cane is adjustable from 30 inches to 39 inches for suiting your height requirements. The cane has replacement tips #8-4608-08 for better grip in smooth floor surfaces and replacement grips #8-2196-08 for comfort while handling. This beautifully designed cane is great for light strolls as well as for carrying it to a gala event. Here, you get the assurance of buying from an established online retailer of walking canes.

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