Handbag Size Butterfly Design Folding Cane


The Butterfly is a travel accessory, a walking support, and a very contemporary fashion statementthe Handbag Size Butterfly Folding Cane is truly dexterous, the most versatile walking cane on our store. The butterfly design renders it a slightly feminine touch. The use of multi color background accentuates the visual engagement of the butterflies in this cane. You can easily Fold this Butterfly Cane. The folding mechanism is aided by five interlinked sections that seamless fold and can be disengaged when you want to deploy the handbag cane. Equipped with a wrist strap and a wooden handle, this is among the best walking canes on offer if ease-of-use and versatility is your main criteria for making a selection. The use of lightweight aluminum means the cane is resilient and is easy to travel along, without adding to your baggage. The non-slip, rubber ferrule ensures you get a better grip on the more challenging surfaces too. A derby handle gives some traditional style to an otherwise contemporarily designed cane, also providing a tight grip. Adjusts from 32 to 35 1/2 inches. See our image of this beautiful cane.

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