Bronze Fashion Quad-Cane Small


Quad-canes are commonly used for improving your body balance as well as to bear your body weight as you walk. As the name suggests, the Quad-canes come with four legs just for this purpose! Normally, the quad-cane only does the primary function. Most often, these are considered very dull and unattractive. However, the Bronze Fashion Quad-Cane Small is an exception to these norms. Featuring a highly attractive build, this cane can be a perfect walking accessory that goes perfectly with your ensemble. This cane features a small base that is 5x8 inches and come with a center balance offset handle, and nylon security nuts, making it a premium walking accessory. The cane is available in 39 inches length. However, you can adjust to preferred height from 30 to 39 inches.. If you are looking for such a cane that can easily support your weight, give a perfect balance to your body as well as enhance your look and personality, then this cane is an inevitable choice. Replacement tips #8-4608-08. Replacement grips #21960

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