Bronze Orthopedic Derby Handle


The Bronze Orthopedic Derby Handle walking cane is as much purposeful as much it is trendy. This walking cane has a shiny bronze anodized finish aluminum adjustable shaft. The shaft can be extended from 29 inches to 37 inches to allow the cane users to choose the perfect and most suitable height for them. A brass collar between the handle and shaft gives it a touch of elegance, which is clearly visible. Designed for both the genders, this walking cane features unisex orthopedic derby handle, which offers more secure grip and added comfort. The Orthopedic Derby handle is shaped to ergonomically fit the hand and used by both the left and right handed people. As the name suggests, Bronze Orthopedic Derby Handle is ideal for those suffering from arthritis, rheumatism, back pains or joint problems. Your long strolls would become more enjoyable with this suave mobility aid as your companion. This walking cane is available in black and bronze finish.

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