Bordeaux Shade Lady Walking Cane

Named after the deep burgundy shade that is similar to the rich collection of wines from the Bordeaux region of France, the Bordeaux Walking Stick is an outright premium offering. There is nothing subtle or restrained about it. The Bordeaux Walking Stick is meant for people who want to carry their style in a slightly outspoken manner. Folks who believe that an upmarket fashion accessory should be flashed and not concealed will identify more with the Bordeaux Walking Stick. It has an intense Burgundy finish that renders a distinguished look. Now available at an affordable price through our special procurement channels, finding such a premium walking stick in this price bracket is almost impossible. You get a true hardwood cane, complete with a handle and shaft that are made of handpicked hardwoods. The charming contrast is created by a chrome band with a slim silhouette. At 36 inches long, the Bordeaux Walking Stick is reasonably long and offers a great grip. Tip 8039808

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