Bloomn' Red Primrose

Walking canes that can enhance you style statement. Yes, the Bloomn Red is something that is surprisingly gorgeous. A feminine walking stick, the Bloomn Red is a best seller in the niche of ladies walking cane. The attractive walking aide can be something distinctive among a collection of walking canes. It features the high resolution imagery of Bloomn red primroses in a black backdrop. Coming with a derby-style handle and high gloss hardwood shaft in matching printed design, the Bloomn Red walking cane is a great walking stick to walk with. It comes in a standard length of 36 inches. However, it is possible to cut short the length according to your requirements. For this, you need to select your preferred height from the drop-down menu prior to checkout. The cane comes with a #8-0398-08 rubber tip to provide a better grip to your cane even in smooth and slippery surfaces. This stylish walking cane is a perfect choice for your exotic walking cane collection. From replacement tips to cane accessories and bags, you can explore the entire gamut of options in the world of walking canes. Our cane inventory is constantly updated, curated as per the demand pattern and our parameters for ensuring quality. Tip #8-0398-08

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