Classy Blackthorn Knob with Leather Strap


If you have a great liking with canes that have a rugged wood look finish, this is the right cane for you. Classy Blackthorn Knob is a superb cane with polished natural bark finish natural Irish blackthorn shaft. Thickness of the shaft may vary from one cane to another. A genuine leather strap is also attached on the shaft so it can be easily be hung on your wrist when not in use. It features a knob handle that provides relaxing support and firm hold to cane users. Classy Blackthorn Knob Stick has estimated measurement of 5 inches x 1 inch x 36-38 inches.

This is highly-prized walking cane that cane be a great addition to your walking cane collection.  There are no two sticks alike. Each is different in size and width.  Blackthorn is a sought-after wood for walking sticks, prized for its rich color and the characterful appearance caused by its spiny thorns.  Emotionally associated with Ireland, there is much folklore connected with blackthorn.  The patron Saint of Ireland, St. Patrick, once sheltered from the rain under a blackthorn bush.  It promptly flowered to protect the Saint, which is said to be why the blackthorn flowers before it comes into leaf each spring.  Demand each year invariably exceeds supply, with natural knobs ticks and thumbs sticks allocated to a waiting list in most years.  However, the blackthorn derby and pistol grips are usually available in limited quantities and are popular wherever blackthorn has appeal.

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