Wildflower Fashion Quad-Cane Small Base

Wildflower design is greatly celebrated for any fashion accessory. It applies for the walking canes too. The Wildflower Fashion Quad-Cane Small Base is one of the most attractive designs in the niche of walking canes. The quad-cane, primarily for supporting your body weight and improving your balance, is typically regarded as an unappealing cane. However, the Wildflower Fashion Quad-Cane Small Base is an exception. With highly attractive design that lures the attention of the onlookers, this is a great choice for quad cane users. It features small base with 5x8 inches measurement and a center balance offset handle for providing a better balance. The nylon security nut, replacement tips are #8-0460-08, and replacement grips are #8-2196-08 is extremely useful in providing convenience to the users. The cane is adjustable from 30 inches to 39 inches according to your preference. Replacement parts sold separate.

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