Trumpet Vine Fashion Quad-Cane Small Base


Are you on the lookout for a quad-cane walking cane that can be as fashionable as it is useful? Then, the Trumpet Vine Fashion Quad-Cane Small Base walking cane can be an ideal choice. With a high-resolution imagery of the popular Trumpet Vine, this walking cane is a perfect accessory that matches both casual wardrobes as well as formals. This highly fashionable cane with center balance offset handle is a great walking support. The strong base that measures 5x8 inches provides stability and balance while walking. Another feature is the nylon security nut. Replacement tips #8-4608-08 and replacement grips #8-2196-08. You can easily adjust the length of the quad-cane from 30 inches to 39 inches so that it can perfectly suit your height requirements. The Trumpet Vine Fashion Quad-Cane Small Base can be just the right walking stick for your next big event.

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