Mauve Fashion Quad-Cane Small


Featuring incredibly beautiful Mauve flowers on a black backdrop, the Mauve Fashion Quad-Cane Small walking cane comes with an irresistible design. Flaunting a trend setting fashion statement, the Mauve Fashion Quad-Cane Small is a perfect match to any ensemble that you wish to wear. Being a quad-cane, it comes with four-prongs with a strong and small base featuring a measurement of 5x8 inches. Coming with a center balance offset handle and nylon security nut, this walking cane is designed to support body weight and give you a perfect balance while walking. This cane can be adjusted from 30 inches to 39 inches to suit your preferred length. Replacement tips #8-4608-08 and replacement grips #8-2196-08. Mauve Fashion Quad-Cane Small walking cane offers a great comfort and security during walks.

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