Blue Granite Quad - Small Base


The Granite walking stick series continues to be the most preferred option in the walking cane series and this trend is epitomized in the Blue Granite Quad Small Base walking cane. Along with the stylish features, this quad cane is constructed with a durable and functional design that supports body weight and improves walking balance. It has a center balance offset handle and nylon security nut for providing matchless stability. This makes it superior to other options that are available in this niche. The four-pronged cane has a small base with 5x8 inches measurement and uses replacement tip #8-4608-08 and replacement grips #8-2196-08. You can personalize the height of the canes to your requirement from 30 inches to 39 inches. Noted for its unique style statement, this cane is already engaging a lot of attention in the market.

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