Black Granite Quad Small Base


Granite design continues to be one of the most sought-after walking canes in the stack of similar looking designs. Engaging a lot of attention, the Black Granite Quad Small Base walking cane is one of the most popular choices for walking cane collectors. The reason for this wide acceptance lies in its standard color that perfectly suits any wardrobe of your choice. As for the design, the Black Granite Quad Small Base walking cane comes with the perfect blend of functionality and glamour. The four-pronged walking cane comes with a smaller sized 5 inches x 8 inches strong base for providing balance while walking. The center balance offset handle is specially designed and constructed for supporting your body weight. The cane also comes with nylon security nut. The replacement tips are #8-4608-08 and replacement grips are #8-2196-08, making it one of the most versatile walking canes available in the market. You can adjust the height of the cane between 30 inches and 39 inches to match your individual requirements.

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