Blue Fashion Quad-Cane Small

Of all the walking aides, the quad-canes are the best accessory for providing a great level of stability to the users. These four-pronged walking sticks are extremely useful for regular cane users who find it difficult to walk across sloping or unstable surfaces. Apart from the regular designs, the walking canes are also available in highly fashionable designs. One of the best in this niche is the Blue Fashion Quad-Cane Small. This quad-cane comes with a small base of 5 inch x8 inch and nylon security nut. The cane also features a center balance offset handle, wrist strap and nylon security nut that provides comfort along with better security. The length of the cane can be adjusted from 30 inches to 39 inches depending upon your requirement. The cane comes with a #8-4608-08 replacement tips and #8-2196-08 replacement grips for providing better friction on slippery surfaces. This walking stick can be a perfect companion for light evening strolls. At this online store, you gain from a combination of brief information about every cane on offer and reasonable rates. If you are new to the niche of walking canes or just need to confirm the usability of a cane for you, use our free cane sizing resources.

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