Black Fashion Quad Cane Small


A great adornment for big events, walking canes is a perfect fashion accessory. However, rarely is a quad cane considered as a fashion accessory. Some consider the sole purpose of the quad-cane is giving balance to the user as well as supporting body weight. The Black Fashion Quad Cane Small is one exception to this tradition. This four-pronged walking cane serves the primary functions of balancing and weight supporting along with being a glamorous walking accessory. A perfect companion for light strolls, this cane comes with a small base with 5x8 inches measurement. The cane features a center balance offset handle for comfort and nylon nuts for better security. This cane can be adjusted from a length of 30 - 39 inches according to your preference. It also features a replacement tip that provides better grip on smooth surfaces and better durability for the cane.

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