Natural Fritz Handle on Black Shaft


Natural Fritz Handle on Black Shaft is the ideal selection when you want a very unique looking cane with a regal appeal. The Gents Fritz Cane has simple styling but it is distinctive. It uses a traditional cane layout in a sleek design. The Black Shaft can be seen along the length of cane. Imported from Scotland, this is the best cane on offer when you want vintage styling without spending too much. At one glance, it is evident that the cane uses solid wooden construction. Metal Ferule Tip at the bottom. The fritz handle provides a good grip. Shape of the handle complements the unique aura of the cane. The golden-hued clamp creates a beautiful contrast to the soberly colored design. Recommended for every dedicated cane collector, the Natural Fritz Handle on Black Shaft for gents is worth the investment. We can cut this cane to size but will then replace then metal tip with a rubber tip. 

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