Bird of Prey Walnut


If you have been looking for a walking cane that is unlike anything seen in the market until now, you search ends with the Bird of Prey Walnut. An exclusive cane with unmatched grandeur, it is sure to win you many compliments. Consider the Bird of Prey Cane for its functional and fashion-oriented features. Designed to display the mighty pride and character of this wonderful bird species, this eye-catching Bird of Prey Walnut walking cane is a work-of-art like no other! Made of polymer resin, this cane handle features a Bird of Prey design replicated antique scrimshaw. The handle is mounted over a 1-inch diameter hardwood shaft and connected by a brass-tone collar. The cane shaft is tapered to the end and finished with a reinforced rubber tip for added stability and support. This cane measures 36 inches in length and is subject to customization to meet your height requirements. This unique walking aid is also available in elegant black finish.

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