Bird of Prey Black


Make a serious fashion statement with this aesthetically designed Bird of Prey Black Walking Cane. Smartly dressed with distinct, simulated antique scrimshaw Bird of Prey Handle, this isnt your usual walking caneit commands your attention with its imposing stance. The polymer resin made handle is meticulously processed to bestow an exotic character to this cane. The 1-inch diameter shaft of the cane is made of solid hardwood material with a smooth sanded finish. The 36-inches long cane features tapered shaft and a steel reinforced rubber tip to the bottom, which adds to its overall durability. It can be cut to shorten the size to meet diverse user requirements. This unisex walking support is also available in all-natural walnut finish. Not meant for everyday usage, consider this cane for its regal aura and use when you want to announce yourself at an event.

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