Backcountry Adjustable Hiker


Lightweight and sturdy, the Back Country Adjustable Hiker is one of the perfect acquaintances for a brisk walk outdoors. Precision-constructed from strong anodized aluminum, this strong and mobile hiking stick helps you in maintaining proper balance while walking. This exquisite element offers both style and comfort. Meant for both avid and casual hikers, this Back Country Adjustable Hiker helps to lessen stress and pressure on the knees, back and hips, make crossing streams or any slippery surface easier and it offers extra strength to the user when one moves up the hills and stabilizer when one inclines down. Apart from this, it can be used as a cane if an individual is injured. Fully adjustable, this high-strength stick can be made longer or shorter for varying terrains. It incorporates a wood knob handle having foam grip and an inset compass to make sure that you should not deviate from your pathway. It is available in standard lengths of 31 inch to 54 inches.

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