Amber Derby Walking Cane


Sometimes it may be a confusing and tedious process to choose your right cane among a wide range of walking canes that you see in the market. Most people prefer the derby canes to other cane. If you are one of those derby cane lovers, then the Amber Derby Walking Cane will undoubtedly be among your priorities. The derby handle that imitates the amber has an acrylic construction. Perfect for men and women, this style accented walking accessory has a scorched and cherry stained hardwood shaft in highly glossy finish. The brass ring presentation not only joins the shaft to the handle, but also enhances its urbane design. The cane features a length of 36 inches as standard, but you can cut this to your required length. It comes with a rubber tip #8-0397-08 for that can prevent accidental slipping on smooth and wet surfaces.

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