Amber Cherry Anatomical Cane


Featuring a scorched and cherry stained high gloss finish hardwood shaft, the Amber Cherry anatomical Cane is a beautifully crafted walking cane with 0.875 inch diameter at the top tapering to 0.6875 inch at the bottom.

It also has a mens anatomical handle in amber finish made of acrylic which was formed to fit the the palm of your hand for firm grip and even distribution of weight.

This walking cane is sturdy to be your everyday walking companion. Its also a perfect fashionable accessory to accompany you to parties and events.

The addition of the brass ring between the handle and shaft adds more elegance on the cane. Amber Cherry anatomical Cane measures 36 inches in length with steel reinforced suction grip rubber tip # HC8039708.

Available in left or right hand. We cut to size.

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