Adjustable Aluminum-Black Finish


Walking sticks made from non-wooden materials often face criticism for not exuding the kind of grace associated with hardwood canesthis norm is challenged by the Adjustable Aluminum Black Finish Cane. At first glance, it comes across as a stylish walking aid, more of a wardrobe accessory. Upon further inspection, you realize that it is made from aluminum. The texture and surface are so sleek that you are forgiven for thinking that the Adjustable Aluminum Black Finish cane is a premium wooden cane. The black anodized finish is intense, creating the impression of a cane crafted with care. The vinyl grip ensures you don't lose hold of the cane when using it or resting. This is essentially a mens walking cane but unlike some male-centric canes, it can be used by women too. The adjustment aspect works to perfection, ensuring you can easily adjust the length between 33 inches and 41 inches. This cane comes with a rubber tip #8-0398-08, which gives you better grip on slippery and wetter surfaces. You also get the satisfaction of making this purchase from the leading online retailer in the segment of premium walking and hiking canes besides adjustable and daily use canes. Tip #8-0398-08.

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