Marble Green Derby Handle


Derby handle walking canes are considered the classical choice in the niche of premium walking sticks. However, the Marble Green Derby Handle cane does something very differentit breaks away from the tradition of being a typical derby walking cane. Instead, it uses a unique color combination where a dark, marbleized shade of green contrasted with a dark hue of brown and a golden ring. The metallic and lustrous golden colored ring completes the aesthetic highlight of this Marble Green Derby Handle cane. You get the assurance of a sturdy shaft made from dark stained wood. The golden color renders a sophisticated look to this green derby cane. Choose this walking cane if you like to invest in something slightly different from the norm. This is not an iconoclast cane but it has an exclusive appeal. You can get this customized to a preferred length. The shaft can be cut to suit your requirements. Tip 8-0398-08.

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