Brown Marble with Fritz Handle

Achieving the perfect blend of everyday functionality and grace is rather difficult, particularly for something as humble looking as a walking cane. The Brown Marble with Fritz Handle challenges this notion with its simple construction and loads of elegance. This excellent cane is mounted on the walnut stained wood shaft that gives it excellent look, endurance and long lasting life. The gold color of the cane provides it with extra elegance and beauty. The cane is available in 36 inches and other customized lengths as well. The cane is easy to grip provides enough stability for walking with complete agility. Apart from this, the weight is distributed evenly throughout the handle so it is one of the most preferred walking accessories for old people. Recently, there has been a surge in the demand for lighter canes. We have created a special category of lightweight canes to address this requirement. Here, you are assured of buying genuine products at reasonable rates.

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