Acorn Crook with Walnut Shaft in Antique Scrimshaw


Call it a walking aid or a fashion accessory, the Acorn Crook Walnut cane makes sense to own or be gifted. It features a simulated antique scrimshaw Acorn crook-style handle. The crook handle, which is also popular as tourist and hook or J-handle, is made of high-quality polymer resin material. The cane shaft is 36 inches long, but can be cut to size. The rubber tip at the bottom of 1-inch diameter sturdy hardwood tapered shaft provides extra durability to it. This Acorn Crook Walnut cane can be easily customized to fit in your collection. Walnut-hue canes always manage to engage more attention with their strong premium wooden aura. It can also work as a convenience tool when you are on the trail, making your hiking experience even more enjoyable.

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