Able Tri Pod Cane in Black Finish

Unisex canes can be hard to sell since their design has a tendency to border on the neutral side. When restricted for creativity it is difficult to create a design that appeals to men and women. However, the Tri-Pod walking cane does exactly this without breaking a sweat! The Able Tri-Pod Cane in Black Finish walking cane is one of our most popular items. Designed for both genders, it is fitted with a unisex center balance handle with Hypalon grip. Its length can be adjusted from 30 inches to 39 inches. It has aluminum adjustable 7/8 inch shaft with aluminum locking nut for added safety. This cane has a flexible base that cushions the force of rebound impact on the hand and wrist. The cane is light weight and self-standing. It is easy to use while climbing up or down the stairs. It is made to withstand all weather conditions and all terrains. You can even enjoy your walks at the sea beach.  A classy strap is included free of cost.

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