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Walking Posture for Kids

Has your mom or dad ever told you to sit up straight, or stand straight? Most of our parents have said that at some point, and there is actually quite a good reason for it. Posture is a word we use to describe the position of a person’s body, usually when they are standing or sitting. Our posture plays a large role in the health of our spine and muscles. For example, when you are slouched in your chair, that position puts a great deal of stress on certain points of the spine. Later on, it could cause back pain and other problems. By keeping our spines straight, with our heads and shoulders straight, we do much more than simply improving our physical health. Good posture also helps us to feel more confident and stronger. It is so simple to correct our posture; it can even improve our mood and energy levels! What are you waiting for? Let’s explore some fun resources on posture and how to improve it.

 A Posture Guide for Kids

Learn all about how to maintain a good posture while sitting, standing, lying down, and especially, when lifting heavy things.

Posture and Muscles

Working out and exercising helps to keep muscles fit, which in turn helps with better posture.

Posture and Dancing

Dancers need to display a very proper posture in order to carry themselves well throughout all the various moves.

Straighten Up! (PPT)

Vibes and Viggie present some fun exercises to help kids strengthen their spines!

Why is Posture Important?

This helpful explanation for kids demonstrates exactly why we should bother to correct our posture.

Benefits of Good Posture

Good posture can improve and maintain the health of our joints, muscles, and bones.

Lifting Heavy Boxes

This simple diagram reminds us to always bend our knees when lifting heavy things (including schoolbags!)

An Easy Stretch

Try the Prayer Stretch to loosen up your arm and back muscles after being in front of the computer or video games for a while.

All About Good Posture

Find out why people always talk about good posture and what it can actually do for you.

Good Standing Posture

See a demonstration of how to stand with the best posture. If you need to stand for a very long time, take a few breaks in between by placing your foot on a raised surface for a few minutes.

Making Your Spine Stronger

Grab a pillow to help you out with these exercises to help strengthen your neck and back muscles.

How to Sit Correctly

Sitting in a slouched position or even too rigidly (with an extremely straight back) can end up hurting you later. Have a look at this visual guide to see the best posture for sitting.

The Posture IQ Test

Test your knowledge of good posture habits and see if you can recall all the correct answers before peeking at the solutions provided at the end of the page!

Visualizing Your Posture

An easy way to help correct your posture is by imagining that there is a column of cogs or wheels in your back. To maintain good posture, you need to make sure that all the cogs are properly aligned.


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