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Wood Hiking Sticks

Wood Hiking Sticks
Hiking or trekking sticks refer to Wooden Hiking Sticks—the most common form of mobility aid when climbing rough, hilly terrains. These are often sold as a standard hiking accessory. Walking with a strong stick helps to reduce the workload endured during hiking. A hiking stick also helps to get more stability on demanding terrains. Also referred to as walking poles, these sticks help walkers maintain better posture and establish a rhythm, which helps to cover greater distances without exhaustion. We are the leading online retailers in the niche of hiking sticks—from poles to staff, we offer the entire range of handheld mobility support solutions for hikers and outdoorsy people.

Take Your Pick in a Hiking Staff or Pole
A hiking staff or a stick is usually held in one hand. However, some people prefer to carry two. Hiking poles are the more modern, manufactured version of the standard wooden walking stick. A pole is usually made from special materials like aluminum or fiberglass. Some people refer to poles and sticks are extra legs, i.e. when grounded on the surface, these hiking sticks share the load that is otherwise passed on to the legs and the lower spine. Poles come with special materials to promote a better grip. Usually made from metals and lightweight alloys, they are more adept for hiking across snowy areas.

Buy Sensibly, Buy from Us!
We are the leading online retailers of hiking staffs and sticks, selling the latest and classic options in this segment—includes Thumbstick series and the rustic looking, Natural Crosshead sticks. From fashionable hiking poles to traditional wooden hiking sticks, you can find every type of popular wooden walking stick at this online store. Our hiking sticks are made from the most durable materials, ensuring you get unyielding support. This includes natural wood-made hiking sticks for children.

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