Trekking Poles

Backcountry Carbon Fiber Hiker-Classy Walking Canes

Backcountry Carbon Fiber Hiker

The Back Country Carbon Fiber Hiker has three section hiking poles with molded Tuff-Foam handle and ez-adjust padded hand strap. These hiking poles...

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Trekking Poles
Trekking poles are the more evolved form of the basic hiking stick. The main principle driving hiking poles and trail poles is the same—they provide a firm grip over terrains where posture and balance can easily go wrong, often leading to fatal injuries.

Applications of Trekking Poles
When faced with challenging topography, people living along the hills, campers, trekkers, hikers, and travelers prefer walking with a trekking pole that is easy to use and lightweight. While earlier trekking sticks were primarily made of wood, the contemporary pole is often made of alloys and special metals, which provide a better grip and can support a higher range of body weight. From clearing thick vegetation to create a path to fencing off spider webs and clearing out small stones from your trail, a trekking pole can be very useful. For climbing slopes, the trekking pole can be used equally well for climbing up or downhill. When crossing streams or swamps, the trekking pole provides a point of unwavering support.

Trekking Poles on Offer
You can find trekking poles with a wide range of options on offer, including colors, gripping and adjustment options. Please note that some trekking poles can play the role of a basic walking stick with ease but they are less likely to be found in such simple applications. Some trekking poles come with special features like extra hoops for an easy way to keep the pole attached and tips that can help you trek across icy and watery terrains

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