Traditional Sticks
Traditional Sticks
Before entering the niche of fashionable accessories and trendsetters, before scorching the ramps, canes were more humble, purely functional. These canes are now referred to as traditional canes. The only element of fashion was the elaborate handle, which was often made from exotic materials like ivory, beaded glass, and premium hides/leathers. Traditional walking sticks weren’t too strict about the dimensions, being largely handmade as per the customer’s preferences. Now, traditional sticks are made in line with the standard dimensions.

Exploring Options in Traditional Canes
We too offer a wide array of traditional canes where the emphasis is on replicating the designs that were once famous without making too many changes to the overall presentation. This includes many vintage designs that have turned into evergreen favorites. From crook handle canes to those with derby handle, we have a wide selection on offer, including the rustic Thumb stick and some folding wooden canes. The more premium options in this segment include derby handle traditional sticks with a bejeweled collar and an adjustable height feature. The more popular traditional sticks include the Polo Stick Seat Cane and options with multiple utilities like the Umbrella Cane. Some have managed to create a reputation bordering on the exclusive and somewhat bizarre like the Afghan Man’s Head Cane.

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