Modern consumerism is all about convenience and understanding this mindset we have done the unthinkable in the niche of walking canes—brought together all types of walking canes under one roof! Our online store,, is an easy to browse, comprehensive resource where you can easily find nearly every cane, stick, and mobility solution. One of our long-term bestseller is the Quad Cane or the 4-tipped Walking Cane, popularly referred to as Medical Quad Cane. The quad walking canes offered by us are one of the best available in the marketplace.

The quad canes differ from other canes in the way it offers ground contact. It has a 4-point contact unlike the other canes that have a single point contact. The four-point contact necessitates the inclusion of a base, which in turn incorporates the four points of contact. The quad canes also come with a straight staff and a contoured handle, making it more sturdy and comfortable. The wide range of quad walking canes offered by us is made of aluminum alloy, making it lightweight yet sturdy.

These walking canes are more helpful for people who have trouble walking due to some sort of temporary or permanent disability. Get one of these walking canes and enjoy your walk like never before. These walking canes come in two major variants, depending upon the size of the four-point base. The base of the smaller variant measures around 6”-8” and the base of the larger variant measures around 8 inches to 12 inches. The variants can support a weight up to 250 pounds and 500 pounds respectively. To make things better the canes come with an ergonomically designed handle to give you a comfortable grip. The handle of most of these canes can also be adjusted according to the needs and requirements of the user. Locking knobs are also included to make sure that the height adjustments don’t come in the way of your safety.

Choose Quad Walking Canes if you need extra support while walking. The four-point contact of these canes act as an extra limb, make it more reliable than the normal walking canes. Blow away your hesitation and get on e of these walking canes. Order one of these canes from us and walk with confidence. You can call at our toll-free number 1-888-928-1774 for any further queries. We have dedicated resources that specialize in evaluating and resourcing the best of canes, from folding & collapsible canes to heavy-duty and designer canes. We are currently only selling small quad bases.

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