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Natural Woods walking cane features a walnut stained finish natural chestnut shaft which exude natural beauty. This cane has a mens extra heavy cro...

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Natural Wood Hiking Staff
Natural Wood Hiking Staff
Hiking staffs have been in use for a long time, combining the natural aura of wooden canes and the resilience of a hiking stick. These hiking staffs are not designed at par with the technicalities involved in shaping a typical hiking staff you are likely to come across when buying / renting standard hiking gear. A natural wood hiking gear does not offer options in terms of materials used to make the grip more comfortable or accessories like a choice of tips.

A typical natural wood walking stick might not even have a perpendicular, straight shaft—a standard attribute found in most canes and staffs! Here, people like the natural shape of the shaft that is slightly curled or tapered at some points resembling the shape of tree barks. A natural wood hiking staff might not have high-resilience tips like the ones found in professional-grade hiking sticks.

The best options in this segment are made of premium woods like beech wood, hickory, and ash. You can also find many strong hiking staffs made of cherry wood, oak, and mahogany. We recommend browsing through our exhaustive list of Cane Accessories that can help you stylize your stick and make it more functional.

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