Men's English Chestnut-Classy Walking Canes

Men's English Chestnut

This classic and charming Mens English Chestnut is a superbly crafted English-style walking/hiking cane that has been meticulously treated to creat...

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Hiking Poles and Staffs
Are you an outdoor enthusiast, who loves hiking, trekking or mountaineering? If yes, then you must also be about the importance of hiking poles and staffs when while undertaking outdoor ventures. It not only helps you in having a safe and comfortable walking experience but also helps you in maneuvering through difficult terrains at ease. According to the requirement, need and style of the user, hiking poles and stuffs come in a wide range of size, shape and form.

We, at, offer an enviable range of hiking poles and staffs that score high in functionality and style. Our product ranges from traditional wood-carved walking stick to high-tech hiking poles made of metals. The Ash Thumb Stick is a classic example of the best, traditional walking stick in the marketplace today. It is made of the shoot of a young ash tree with the help of the coppicing method. Crafted diligently in the woodlands of England, each of these sticks is unique. Contemporary hiking sticks include products like Back Country Carbon Fiber Hiker-Pair. The feature rich metal walking cane incorporates features like Twist Lock adjustment with inbuilt on-off anti-shock, 2-inch replaceable basket, hardened steel point, replaceable paw-style rubber tip and many more.

You can also choose canes with features like inlaid compass in the knob, built in whistle and hiking sticks in big game design. Performance-wise, metal poles and staffs scores higher than their wooden counterpart, but the demand for the wooden variants is equally high. Many of our hiking cane customers are also fond of Sports Hiking Staffs. At this online store, we give you the assurance of transparent pricing and shipping policies.

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