Heavy Duty Walking Canes

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Hercules Standard Offset Handle

Unlike designer canes, Offset handle walking canes are particularly intended to give extra support while walking. Mostly these ergonomically design...

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Heavy Duty Walking Canes
Canes that can withstand more stress and pressure than regular canes are referred to as extra strong or heavy-duty canes. Usually, these extra-tough canes are reinforced or made of materials like aluminum or anodized alloys that increases overall weight-bearing capacity. We offer a wide array of standard and customized walking canes to ensure that each individual, irrespective of the bodily size or weight, can find a suitable cane.

With this endeavor, we constantly curate our collection of canes meant for folks with a bigger frame. This includes tall and plus-sized individuals who find the usual walking canes short in terms of providing the required degree of assistance for walking or maintaining balance. It is in such scenario that the Heavy Duty Walking Canes comes to the rescue of such people. Here, you can easily find many extra tall and extra strong canes commonly referred to as heavy-duty canes.

Made from the strongest, most resilient materials these canes are better suited to withstand the wear and tear associated with hiking, trekking, or everyday negligence. Available in different variants, these canes are made to withstand a weight up to 500 pounds. The finest of hardwoods are used to construct these walking canes, lending them extra durability and strength. With an approximate height of 44 inches, the cane can be adjusted according to the need of an individual. The rubber tip at the end of the cane not only prevents slip but also offers added traction. With these Heavy Duty Walking Canes, you are assured of a walk that is not only comfortable but is also safe and secure. The extra wide handle of the walking canes are designed ergonomically to offer a grip that is firm and comfortable. These walking canes also come in a variety of colors, giving you a freedom to choose a cane best suited to your lifestyle and wardrobe choices.

The series of Heavy Duty Walking Canes is aptly named Hercules due to its ability to withstand weights up to 500 pounds. Here, you get the promise of transparent pricing and Shipping Policies to provide you an unparalleled online shopping experience. Please browse through our popular section dedicated to Cane Accessories.

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