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Hand Painted Animal Themed

Hand Painted Animal Themed

All animal lovers like to talk about their pets and other animals. They like to show their love for all types of animals and hang animal pictures or paintings or collect animal statues. Well, if you have a passion for dogs, ducks, rabbits or other animals, you will love our Animal Walking Canes. These eclectic walking canes are sturdy and functional while making you smile and remember your love for your own pet each time you use your cane. These animal walking canes are beautifully crafted walking pieces. Animal walking canes make for a great gift for that fellow animal lover at the holidays or for a special or ordinary occasion. Put a smile on the face of that special person in your life with an animal walking cane.

All animal walking canes are made from the finest hardwoods. Our canes are kiln-cured for maximum strength and durability. The animal walking canes have a 250 lb. weight capacity. Each of our canes is carefully crafted, ensuring maximum use, safety and strength. Each cane is treated with a high gloss water resistant finish and has a rubber tip to provide additional traction and also used as a safety measure.

The animal walking canes feature a variety of animals in the handle design. Some of the animals that are available are duck, dog, horse, elephant, eagle, and many more. To be even more specific, there are several breeds of dogs available for the walking cane, such as a Bulldog, Retriever, Cocker Spaniel, Schnauzer, and more.

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