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Freeform Sticks

Freeform Sticks
Freeform sticks are a bit different from a conventional cane you expect to see at cane stores. With more emphasis on a simplistic presentation and elegance achieved through minimal handiwork, freeform sticks seem a humble cousin of the more glamorous walking canes. However, it would be wrong to bracket these as cheap canes because freeform sticks are often made from the best of woods used in the cane marketplace, such as chestnut and hickory.

Freeform Sticks, Not Your Regular Cane
The shaft might not be a perfect perpendicular. It is likely to have a slightly uneven composition. This is because the shaft is not mended too much. The natural shape of the wood is retained. You will often find such rustic freeform canes with a slight twist and an unchanged, elaborate grain pattern. The approach is to enhance the beauty of natural wood rather than conceal it with paint or finishing.

Freeform sticks with a twisted shaft are the bestsellers in this segment. Some popular selections in this segment have the barest looking shaft where the shaft’s texture is in its purest form. Choose these canes for their raw appearance, the courage to be different from the rest, ease of handling, and the intense wooden aura.

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