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Feminine Canes

Feminine Canes

Feminine Canes
Feminine canes have slightly different characteristics as compared to conventional walking canes. For starters, canes for women are much lighter. This could be because of the lightweight material such as aluminum and carbon fiber apart from lighter woods that don't compromise on the sturdiness despite being much lighter than premium hardwoods. Lesser weight ensures women can use these canes without any stress on their wrists / hands. Fashionable cane for women can be exceptionally light! Meant to be strutted around, these fashionable lady’s canes aren’t supposed support the user’s body weight.

Feminine Canes at Their Best
Secondly, feminine walking canes are slightly shorter than their male counterparts and often, the shaft is slightly tapered. Most women prefer the easiest of all handle options like Derby Handles. The surface is likely to be more lustrous than canes for men. This finishing lends a trendy appeal to the canes. Feminine canes also present a wider range of colors and patterns. This includes animal prints and multi-color options. This includes folding canes for women that can be easily packed / stacked in a handbag.

Explore Feminine Canes at Walking Canes
We are gradually building up our stock of canes for women, including evergreen classics and contemporary designs. Our cane procurement team consists of fashion spotters who scout the ramps and important global events that flash the latest in feminine canes

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