Classic Country Walking Sticks

Classic Country
Classic Country
Classic country canes are essentially rustic-looking, basic canes that have a very simple design and don't overdo the designer aspects like a fashion cane. Named after the English countryside where shepherds and villagers use such sticks as a part of their daily lives. For decades, these canes have been used for minimal hiking and support purposes. Very comfortable to grip and easy on the pocket, classic country sticks now have a global presence.

Exploring Country Cane
Also called English walking sticks, traditional European sticks, and Irish walking sticks, countryside sticks blend the dynamics of a hiking staff and an everyday use cane. Ideal for people who often step out for a walk around the countryside or rocky terrains, country canes are now looked upon as a retro fashioned cane. Best in Country Cane Designs, Delivered! We have the largest range of classic country canes and the inventory is being continuously populated with new additions.

This includes:
 • Thumb-stick canes
 • Begealing sticks
 • Scorched canes
 • Chestnut canes
 • Knob-sticks obtuse handle
 • Derby-handle hiking sticks
 • Stag horn walkers

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