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Carved Walking Stick

Carved Walking Stick


When something is both purposeful and attractive, such as a carved walking stick, it is simply hard to resist! You will love the beautiful woods and carved designs in our carved walking stick collection. Great for hiking in the woods and as an everyday walking aid. A carved walking stick will help you get from place to place with balance and style!

If you like to have unique and original accessories, then a hand carved walking stick is the perfect piece to provide you the support that you need. These high quality canes are made to last for generations and they come in several different intricate designs. You can even create your own design, if you would like to show off your artistic side and individual personality. For added sentiment, you can have statements, names or other writings engraved into the wood.

This land is your land
This land is my land
From California to the New York Island….

What better way to see this great country than to hike its trails, over mountains, through woods and along beaches. There are many great adventures awaiting you. The best way to hike is with a walking stick. Many people use walking sticks not just for discovering new places but also to assist in standing or everyday walking and getting around.

Walking sticks can be a great accessory. There are many types of walking sticks among these one of the most popular is the carved walking stick. Carved walking sticks are popular because they are come with many different themes from mountain scenes to birds, flowers and hearts. Carved Walking Sticks take time to create. If you are fortunate enough to have a talent for wood carving you can make your own carved walking stick. For the rest of us it is easy to find a carved walking stick that you will love and that you will be proud to take wherever you go.

Carved walking sticks can be made with many types of wood. Some types of wood include:

Elm Burr
Elm Wood
Cherry Wood
Zebra Wood

There is not one or another wood that is best. You may prefer the look and feel of one wood over another but it is totally up to your personal taste. It is also easy to care for your carved walking stick. Once a week you should inspect your walking stick for damage. Brush off dirt and dust with a clean cloth. Check the entire stick for cracks and niks. It is easy to run mild sandpaper over the wood to get rid of cracks or slivers. To keep your carved walking stick looking great, polish with wood polish or spray. Store your carved walking stick in a safe place away from heat or fire.

With proper care your carved walking stick will continue to take you to wonderful heights!

Whittling is an enjoyable activity that costs only as much as your pocket knife! If you enjoy picking up a stick and creating designs and shapes with it, then you will probably find carving a walking stick to be a fulfilling hobby!

It is very helpful if you can find a class that will teach you all the ins and outs of carving a walking stick. That way you can learn from the mistakes and experiments of all the people who have been doing this for years.

But for a first time try, before you make that investment of your time, try carving a walking stick on your own. You can either design the carving yourself, or choose from the many patterns online and in local stores for carving a walking stick. Here are some tips that will help to guide in the process:

· You can practice both carving a walking stick when the wood is still green and the bark is on, or remove the bark, sand the stick and then carve. It depends on what you want the final appearance to look like—smooth or rustic.

· Start at the top of the stick. Position the work so that it faces you. A shaped, hand laced leather grip and sling makes the job much more comfortable and increases your endurance with the project. Otherwise, you will become fatigued easily.

· If you are just experimenting, you can easily use your own knives and tools. After you become more skilled, you should invest in specific wood working tools.
· Always try to cut away from you.

· You can use copper or brass nails, antique upholstery tacks, or pieces of beads and other jewelry to accent the final product!

We all need extra support from time to time, but that doesn’t mean that we have to give up our sense of style and grace. Hand carved walking sticks provide support, are extremely durable and look fabulous. They are a cut above the rest when it comes to canes. There are many styles available, making it possible to find something that fits your personal style in a unique and original way.

For a rustic look that is perfect for hiking as well as day to day use, the Horn Handle Spiral Cane by Fashionable Canes is an ideal choice. The handle is very comfortable to grip and is made of genuine stag-horn. The cane itself has an exquisitely detailed silver band and a spiral-carved shaft. This unique cane is hand-crafted using a unique process of turning, flaming, and scorching to exhibit its natural beauty. It is made of chestnut and given a warm autumn brown stain to accentuate the patina in the wood grain. Weighing only one pound, this cane is a 'one of a kind' for just $135.
If you like a lot of detail and something very unique, you might enjoy the “Morning Song” Hand-carved Walking Stick by The Walking Cane Store. It is super lightweight, weighing only one pound but it is exquisitely designed. It has a small diameter and a 5 inch long handle. The colors of the stick are blended perfectly with beige and tan swirls as well as dark brown shots. It has a unique hand carved wizard face with a long flowing beard. Wizards have a long history of being carved into walking sticks. Long ago people believed that the forests were filled with mystical Wood Spirits and that those who dared to enter would earn the Spirit's wrath. Wise travelers assured their safety by carving an image of a Wood Spirit into their walking staffs to appease the Spirits and protect them on their long journeys. This tradition has been handed down from one generation to the next for hundreds of years. And although the superstitious beliefs are long gone, the charming tradition of carving Wood Spirits into walking sticks lives on. This handsome walking stick is a steal for only $68.
Hand carved walking sticks offer you a one-of-a-kind look that is durable enough to last for generations. They come in several designs and styles to appease just about anyone. Whether you like the look of an intricately designed handle or an attractively carved shaft, you are sure to find something that speaks to your personal sense of style.

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