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Cane Wrist Strap

Cane Wrist Strap

Cane Wrist Strap
A cane wrist strap is one of the most sought after walking cane accessory. A cane strap mainly has a functional attribute but it can also lend some aesthetics to the cane. This is particularly true for cane straps made of materials like leather, some even having hand-carved designs.

Exploring Wrist Strap for Canes
From elastic band straps to those with a beaded design, there has been a surge in the number of cane straps on offer. The strap presents an easy functionality. Once worn on the wrist and secured along the top section of the cane, it makes carrying the cane very easy. It is akin to having a cane holder even when you are on the move. Every time you are not using the cane, you need to search for a dedicated space to stack it. The wrist strap provides a solution by ensuring that even though you are not gripping the cane, it remains secured via the strap. You can find cane straps in non-standardized sizes. This includes those with a threaded, stitched layout and those that incorporate the use of metals like aluminum or plating of gold and bronze.

Walking Cane Wrist Strap Options
At our online store for canes and canes-related products, you can explore a wide range of strap designs including those that complement the design of the shaft to those that help to create a contrasting, fashionable cane ensemble. We are slowly growing our collection in this niche of common cane accessories, procuring more cane wrist straps from expert strap-makers, including leather workers who make straps for wristwatches and other luxury leather products too.

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